LinkedIn Is Testing A New ‘Current Status’ Feature

13 June, 2020 (Saturday)

LinkedIn is working on a new ‘Current Status’ feature to give users the option to keep their connections updated on their professional plans and activities using a short summary. This would appear at different places within the app. The feature allows you to use a maximum of 75 characters to briefly describe what you’re up to and will be on display when people hover over your profile.

The feature was first leaked by social media hacker and blogger Jane Munchun Wong in a tweet.

LinkedIn further confirmed this saying that they want to explore new ways to improve the user experience by including features that help members express themselves to their LinkedIn community in the best way possible.  

The feature could prove useful in promoting live events, advertising limited-time deals or for announcing that you’re attending an event so you can meet up with others through the app, extending LinkedIn connections to real life. It could also be used to express your mood or what you’re working on so that your connections have better insights on you and your work.

Similar features have been tested on other platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Instagram’s Threads app had an auto status feature that enabled you to display what you’re doing at all times using your location info. Facebook has been testing this feature with the messenger app as well. With LinkedIn, the approach seems to be more professional and less intrusive. The aim seems to be to make the platform more friendly, however, LinkedIn has yet to announce when it plans on rolling the feature out.