LinkedIn announces new set of features for better follower growth analysis!

12 December, 2022 (Monday)

LinkedIn is a platform that has been known for its formal approach but has been introducing newer features to give this platform an alternative perspective. 

For starters, the platform now makes it easier for users to keep a note of the number of followers that have grown, providing detailed statistics for the same, providing better demographic insights and so much more! 

This will help in more effective planning by brands to implement better strategies to maintain and grow the follower count even more. 

LinkedIn announces, “In the ‘Audience’ tab, creators can now track their follower growth so they can understand and discover trends. This information can help them determine if a conversation topic, new visual format, or speaking opportunity may have influenced their follower growth, helping them inform their strategy moving forward.”

To further provide a detailed breakdown of the followers statistics, LinkedIn has enabled better demographics just near the follower growth chart that will help the viewers keep a track of their moves on the platform and the results received from it. 

What’s interesting about the demographics section is its categories that include Job titles, Companies, Locations and other information specifically introduced keeping in mind the kind of audiences on the platform and the content made to reach them. 

Not just this, for more active pages, LinkedIn has made it more convenient to keep a check of the content that is working best on the platform by giving top-three performing posts displayed in the ‘Posts’ tab. 

“Creators can now see up to three of their top-performing posts by either impressions or engagements over a selected date range. This provides a clear view of what resonates with your audience, so you can share more of what’s working.”

Lastly, LinkedIn keeps the window for deeper analysis open by allowing the content performance to be exported. 

We’re yet to see what the platform has in the bag to further make it user-friendly.