LinkedIn Announces Its Audio Rooms

06 April, 2021 (Tuesday)

Clubhouse has been taking the world of social media by storm and has also coincidentally added Facebook, Discord, and Twitter as its rivals and recently, even LinkedIn. 

The professional networking app is developing its own form of live audio chatting that has shown some similarities with Clubhouse. LinkedIn's variation will allow people to create an audio room with designated speakers, people can join as audience members to listen to the conversations, and listeners can request to speak themselves.

&nbsp LinkedIn believes that the addition of this novel feature would allow their professional community to engage in more respectful and constructive conversations in a safe environment. 

Experts too believe that Audio Rooms could potentially increase LinkedIn's growth because of the pandemic. Since the WFH trend isn't going away any time soon, the Audio Rooms are paving the way for more humane and natural professional conversations. 

Although the ETA of the feature is unknown, the company did share a conceptual UX mock-up design of the feature, displaying the professional profile of the speakers on the screen, a permission to speak button, etc. - all on an iPhone.