Key to confidence in Instagram stories and organic reach

01 April, 2022 (Friday)

Instagram stories have been a feature that is loved by the audience for years. When looking to pass time, most users opt for going through Instagram stories rather than scrolling through their feed. This becomes a perfect opportunity for brands and other influencers to attract traffic and get more engagement to their page. 

The organic reach of stories can be improved in various ways including- 

1) Use of a variety of Video options

Photos surely do well but what catches the attention are videos on stories. To get better reach, one should explore all types of videos such as Boomerangs, GIFs, Filters and Hands-free. 

2) Having a structure 

Earlier, not much attention was given to the quality of a story or its structure. However, they are soon expected to become the primary way of sharing and are likely to overtake the posting on the main feed. It is therefore vital that the stories have a Start, Body, and End and are constructed in this way to retain the attention. 

3) Making use of tools & templates

For creating branded videos, various apps are now available that offer templates that will easily make a video more enticing than it is ordinary. These apps work effortlessly and are often providing most templates for free. 

Besides these, one can also use the multiple tools that Instagram offers in-house to make their stories more engaging. These include stickers, polls, music, gifs and so much more! 

4) Being the face of your stories 

Developing a connection with the audience is the best way to keep them coming back. Recording videos of yourself rather than having a creative story often prove to be more beneficial. It not only creates a layer of trust but also brings more engagement.

How to ace showing up on your stories more confidently? 

1) Have precise planning

To avoid bloopers and uncertainty, it is always better to plan the content beforehand. This will immediately give you the confidence needed when you start recording as it gives a better idea and eliminates any visible nervousness on-screen.

2) Accepting the burst of energy 

It is always best to accept the adrenaline felt before recording and normalise it.  In doing so, the focus of the energy will not be on the ‘nervousness’ rather on the excitement of it. This will instantly help perform better. 

3) Not shying away from filters 

The best way to gain confidence is to feel your best. In real life, makeup helps to feel like our best versions so why shy away from the makeup of digital platforms? Filters can really uplift the energy while recording and help record with way more ease. 

4) Delivering the message clearly 

The attention span of the viewers tends to be short. To keep them engaged, the best way is to start with something that keeps them watching. Conveying the intention of the story at the beginning gains way better reach than the stories that dont have a clear direction. Doing so will help frame the video more confidently when the recorder and the viewer know the happenings of it. 

Following these tips and other hacks at Socialmediadissect for everyday digital marketing will surely help users improve their organic reach and see themselves as more confident!