Instagram- The modern way of turning Content into Rupees!

20 January, 2022 (Thursday)

Social media has become an essential part of any commoners life. From the elite to the middle class, everyone has an account, especially on Instagram. In India alone, over 180 million users enjoy and share their life on Instagram. The number continues to grow every day. To make optimum use of their time on such an app, people have discovered multiple ways in which they can make good money. Some choose it as a side income, whilst some have made it a full-time job. 

With the ban imposed on Tiktok in early 2020, Instagram was quick to replace it with a reels feature wherein videos up to 30, now 60 seconds long could be posted. Brands were smart enough to take this as a new means of advertisement. 

Here are some ways to earn via Instagram

1) Partnering with Brands

Promotion and returns are directly related here. The best way to earn monetarily is to link up with a brand and promise to spread awareness about their products, thus bringing them sales. The reach that a brand gets eventually decides the returns for the promoter. However, promoting unhealthy activities, intake, weapons, is not allowed by the platform. 

2) Setting up a store

Instagram understands the growing rate at which promotion and business redirecting take place. To make this much smoother, Instagram now allows its users to set up a store. With this feature, all that one needs to do is switch to ‘Instagram for business’ and they can start selling their products. With promotional ads, the products can be tagged with links and price that enables quick shopping and less distraction due to redirection. 

3) Helping brands establish

The work of content creators is to help others via their creative ways. Doing so, the experience that they gain is commendable. Users can benefit from their skills and earn as Instagram consultants. This allows charging the brands or newly established businesses on an hourly basis and helping them gather an audience for their posts. 

Earning on Instagram or any such platforms mainly depend upon driving the right audience traffic to the brand. Understanding the rules of monetization and carefully deciding what you wish to promote is a great first step!