Instagram Increases Its Accessibility To More Communities Through Its New Feature

05 May, 2021 (Wednesday)

In a major breakthrough for the deaf community, Instagram is becoming more accessible by coming out with caption stickers that will allow users to watch stories and reels without turning on the sound. 

Not only is this a major win for those who are hard of hearing and/or deaf, but this new feature allows users to view stories and reels without the usage of audio equipment like earphones. 

To use this feature, the creators will first capture or choose a video that they want to upload from their phone gallery using the Stories or Reel Camera in the Instagram app. Then, the sticker tray will be opened and the new 'Captions' sticker which converts your expression into text, will be found. Users can also edit the theme, the title position, the text, and the color. When the video is uploaded, the titles will be seen by everyone next to the respective videos. Although the feature is available only for stories, it'll soon be present in Reels.

Currently, the feature is available only in the English language and in few countries but the social media giant has plans to expand it globally.

According to Vishal Shah, VP of Instagram:

"This is a huge win for accessibility and an important foundation for future things like translations to other languages, etc. Also, because the captions are auto-generated, we let people correct any words we might have gotten wrong.

This feature is English only and starting in a handful of countries for now, but we will be expanding soon."