How to Up Your Hashtag Game on Social Media

23 July, 2020 (Thursday)

Do you struggle to reach the right audience despite have great content? It probably has something to do with how you use your hashtags. Picking the right hashtags and using them appropriately can be the difference between a growing brand and a stagnating one. It can provide a tremendous boost to your reach and help you show up on people’s feed and search results more often.

  • Observe the Industry

Selecting hashtags is all about observation and research. Knowing what hashtags your competitors and others selling similar products are using can help you reach the right audiences. Niche industries have particular follower bases and the right hashtags can help you tap into that. Websites like Ninjalitics analyse such data and can help you find the most used hashtags relevant to your brand. 

  • Understand What Works For You

Everyone is unique and that holds for your social media presence as well. While some hashtags may work wonders for you, some may just be reaching the wrong audiences. You must study and understand what works best for your brand and what your audiences like to make sure your content reaches the right people every time. Over time, you can stop using the ones that didn’t work out for you and gravitate towards the ones that did.

  • Create Your Own Identity

You can create hashtags that are unique to your brand to see how people are responding to your content. This helps in building your own unique identity and can also help in assessing your contests and campaigns. If your hashtag is catchy and relatable, you will find more people using it but you must also make sure branded hashtags are unique to your brand. 

  • Cut the Clutter

People often overdo it when it comes to hashtags. The problem with this is that you post can look cluttered and may appear as a spam post. Pick the ones that are integral to your post and the ones that may have worked well in the past. With observation, implementation and learning, you will know exactly what works for your brand and that will help you keep it clean.


If you’re struggling to find hashtags relevant to your brand, you can refer to sites like HootsuiteHashtagifyIngramer and Ritetag. While hashtags can give a boost to your reach, it all boils down to having the right content in the end. These tips will help you grow organically only if your content is worthwhile. You should also keep in mind the fact that posting at the right time can make a big difference and it is important to understand when your target audience is most active.