How artists are making money on Instagram

27 January, 2022 (Thursday)

In this generation, Instagram has become as necessary as having a meal! Literally for some as they have made Instagram and other such platforms their main source of earnings. This is why Instagram is often considered the favourite social networking platform. Brands here are constantly trying to market their products to the viewers. But, how are artists managing their way through this? 

We’ve decoded the basics of getting recognised online and bringing you the same tips to follow- 

1) Converting to a Business Account

If any artist intends for their work to be noticed, it becomes vital that they allow everyone to do so! To start their journey, the initial step is to convert their regular account into a business account. This will enable them to access the multiple features that Instagram offers such as keep a track of the analytics, post insights, direct contact buttons and much more! 

2) Use bio for first impressions 

It is best to develop a connection with the ones visiting the profile, or simply give them a reason to stay. Instagram bios are made just for that! Artists who have just started marketing their work on such a platform should make optimum use of a bio. In summarised words, they can talk about the work they do or merely why they are here, a part of their story, to attract the visitors. By inserting a link to it, they can also redirect the visitors to desired websites or pages. 

3) Learning editing skills 

When it is a platform like Instagram, talent falls secondary when compared to the pleasing looks of a photo/video. This is because there are millions constantly trying to make it big with the help of the platform. In such cases, what attracts and retains a viewers attention is the aesthetic looks and feel of what is being presented. Artists should get a hang of the basic editing skills to fix the brightness, sound and cover image to gather an audience. 

4) Post on the optimum time 

Instagram allows keeping a track of the post to understand the engagement on it. There are various other tools that one can use to comprehend the same. Artists should make a pre-planned schedule and post keeping such things in mind to target and reach a mass audience. 

5) Making use of all features 

Keeping in mind the rest, finally, a pursuing Instagrammer should make optimum use of all the features that it offers including stories, live, interactive captions, replying to comments and much more to kickstart their journey into becoming recognised and eventually earning off it.