Google Releases an AI-powered Pinterest-like App

23 June, 2020 (Tuesday)

Pinterest began to pique google’s interest when went from being a hub for artists and enthusiasts to a powerful discovery engine for visuals. Though it takes up only a tiny market share, it is growing fast owing to its unique approach. Google experimental incubator Area 120 created an app with Pinterest-like features called Keen to bring google back into the social network game.

As Google puts it, “Keen is a place to grow and share your interests with loved ones and find things that will help in making this precious life count” The app can be about anything from food and wild-life photography to researching art and typography. You get to create and share content with others and see what the rest of the world is up to based on your interests. Your Keens could be private or public based on your preference. Google will find content to add to your Keen based on what you’ve already added using its search algorithms, just like Pinterest’s ‘For you’ suggestions. These suggestions are supposed to improve over time as the platform gets to know you better helping you build micro-communities in really niche interest areas. Its magazine-type interface is a refreshing change over traditional apps.    

The clone app seems like Google’s way of keeping Pinterest in check and keeping search-related problems at bay. However, Google’s advanced AI prowess might just give it the edge to help users curate, collaborate and expand their connections better. The platform is available as a website and an android app as of now. How the platform is received by the community remains to be seen.