Facebook’s New Page Follow Settings Give You More Control Over Updates

21 August, 2020 (Friday)

Facebook is working on new follow settings that enable users to have more control over the updates they receive from the pages they follow.

Facebook will offer a range of options for receiving updates for a page within follow settings. Users will be able to choose to follow all updates or filter out content based on their preferences. Users can choose specific settings for the following

  • Posts: All updates, Highlights, None
  • Videos: All updates, Highlights, None
  • Live Videos: All updates, None 
  • Offers: On or Off

This gives users a lot of flexibility on the kind of updates they receive from each page. This could give further impetus to the Facebook marketplace and also affect the number of likes that posts receive. Whilst giving users more control the new feature also reduces the value of each follower for brands on Facebook since it may directly impede their reach. It is also out of line with Facebook’s recent shift of focus to follower count from likes. 

The move may lead brands to reconsider their marketing strategy on the platform to be more in line with how their users choose to use the platform in order to maximise engagement. 

The feature is currently only being tested and isn’t live for everyone yet, but Facebook has not commented on an official release.