Facebook’s Latest Addition of Features To Make Social Media Convenient For Businesses

19 April, 2021 (Monday)

Facebook recently announced the addition of new features for its Business Suite management platform, including Stories scheduling for both Facebook and Instagram, along with a new business discovery process from the News Feed all to help business owners streamline content creation all to help with planning.

The new feature enables owners to create stories within the app which can be scheduled to be posted at the stipulated time and will be posted both on Facebook and Instagram. 

It will also be able to save their Facebook and Instagram posts as drafts which results in saving more time during planning. 

The feature further offers users to make changes to a scheduled post simply by heading to the ‘Scheduled Posts’ section of the ‘Posts & Stories’ tab on mobile or desktop, selecting the post that requires editing, and choosing ‘Edit Post.’ After saving the changes, it can be viewed as a preview of the updated post, and all other planned content, in the ‘Calendar’ section of ‘Posts & Stories.’

Facebook also announced the entry of another feature ‘Create and Manage Albums’ that would be able to publish and manage all of your Facebook Photos and Albums from Business Suite by navigating to the ‘Posts & Stories’ tab.

These features provide some relief to social media managers and allow them to use the saved time on other activities such as focusing on producing quality content and such.