Facebook Partners with CBSE to Spur Digital Education

08 July, 2020 (Wednesday)

India has the second-largest internet market in the world and Facebook has further expanded its influence on it. On the 5th of July, Facebook announced its partnership with India’s CBSE(Central Board of Secondary Education) to release a certified curriculum on AR, digital safety and online well-being for both students and teachers across the country.

The aim is to promote mental health and well-informed choices during online activities whilst preparing future generations to develop important skills. Facebook intends to train 10,000 teachers in the first phase of its three-week program and they will, in turn, teach 30,000 students in the second phase. This training program will cover AR fundamentals and the different ways of using Facebook’s Spark AR Studio to create augmented experiences.

Ramesh Pokhriyal, Union Minister of Human Resources Development in India took to Twitter to encourage teachers and students to participate in the programs.


Facebook is also trying to aid the youth in engaging in healthier conversations by better understanding the socio-emotional space that social media offers. To that effect, they have developed Instagram’s Guide for Building Healthy Digital Habits in collaboration with Jed Foundation and YLAC (Young Leaders for Active Citizenship).

Manoj Ahuja, Chairperson of CBSE announced the curriculum saying, “On behalf of CBSE, I am delighted to announce our partnership with Facebook. I am proud to share that CBSE is the only Board that has introduced the modules of Digital Safety and Online Well-being, Instagram Toolkit for Teens, and Augmented Reality. Incorporating technology and digital safety into the school curriculum will ensure students are not only gaining knowledge to succeed in the digital economy but also learning and collaborating in a safe online environment.”