Facebook Messenger Connect People with Watch Together

16 September, 2020 (Wednesday)

Facebook announced a new Watch Together feature for Messenger which will enable users to watch Facebook Watch videos with their friends and family and see each other’s reactions live on Messenger Rooms and Messenger Video calls. The social distancing norms due to COVID19 have meant that watching movies, sports, shows and other videos with friends has become quite the task and Facebook is trying to come up with a solution for the problem with Watch Together. The feature is an attempt to recreate the experience of watching content with friends in person by allowing users to see their reactions in real-time. Facebook is also planning on using the feature as a way to promote fitness on the platform by hiring fitness coaches, so users can work out together with their loved ones.

To use this feature, you will need to create a Messenger Room or start a video call on Messenger and select the Watch Together option from the menu. You will be given the option to choose from different categories like Uploaded, TV & Movies and Watched. You can also look for a particular video or content creator from the search bar within the feature. Messenger Video Call supports up to 8 users and Messenger Rooms supports up to 50 users and the feature will be offered completely free of charge. It will be globally released later this week on both Android and iOS devices.