Facebook Issues A Guide To Help Promote Growing LGBTQIA+ Businesses

25 June, 2021 (Friday)

Just because Pride Month is about to end doesnt mean our support and inclusion for the community should too. Fortunately, Facebook believes in the same. Through its new initiative to help queer communities and their small business, Facebook has published a guide which consists of data insights and stats emphasizing on the importance of supporting the LGBTQIA+ community and help improve the communitys representation. 

According to Facebook, "Pride Month is a chance for businesses and marketers to pause and consider how we can become better allies of the LGBTQ+ community. But the work is too important to end in June. When businesses speak out, people listen, and by spotlighting community voices, celebrating and upholding the value of LGBTQ+ lives, educating ourselves and others, and taking proudly public stances that show ongoing support for diversity and individuality we can seize the opportunity to nudge society toward greater acceptance and inclusion."

The guide also contains information on contribution to the improvement of the community and even has case studies that could be used as examples to help promote queer businesses. 

Facebook hopes that the guide helps the public to take more notice of the growing queer businesses and support them throughout the years in lieu of pandering to them during the Pride Month.