Facebook Creates a New Curated Experience for College Students

13 September, 2020 (Sunday)

Facebook App announced the launch of Facebook Campus, a curated space for college students that streamlines their experience of connecting with their classmates and engaging with their college community in a more effective way.

Campus will feature News Feed and Directories that pertain specifically to a user’s college community. This new space aims to enable closer-knit communities in colleges where they can freely discuss their interests, form groups, and organise events among other things to enhance their college experience. Events and groups can be looked up and users will get only the data that is relevant to their college. The content on Facebook Campus will be restricted to students of a particular college or university. 

The campus-only news feed will help users cut the clutter and stay in the loop of their college events and activities. The Campus directory will enable users to get in touch with their classmates more easily by searching for a particular class, batch, graduation year, etc. with curated directories in place for the same. This will in turn help them create chat rooms for particular activities, teams or dorm groups. 

This new extension is still in its early stages and it has been rolled out only in a few US-based colleges. Students will be required to create a separate Campus profile, independent of their main profile, which will require details like their graduations year and college email ids. Additional details like their field of study, class and personal details will be optional but they will work towards further enhancing the app experience.