Discord Isn’t Just For Gamers! Learn How To Market Your Business On It!

21 April, 2022 (Thursday)

Initially, Discord was only known as a prevailing platform for gamers. However, this has seen a change, especially after the massive growth of NFTs. Discord is now a welcoming community for not just players but also those who are like-minded towards art, music and so much more. It is also under the light recently for being a great platform for business. Brands from all categories like Paywall, AllSaints, Chipotle, and Jack in the box are marketing themselves on this platform. 

Discord can be an efficient alternative to traditional email communications as building channels respective of the various teams under a brand can come together and chat or hold meetings in an instant. Social media managers are now moving towards Discord as one of their management platforms. 


While the algorithm-free platform helps keep better updates of all announcements, the personalised invite link keeps it safe from the risk of being intruded on or spammed.  

Discord’s Revenue- 

So how does one market their business on Discord?

1) Allow the audience to feel involved

Keeping aside the channels created for communication within the firm, Discord also allows a brand to create a channel wherein social discussions are welcomed. This helps with the awareness of a brand, and its popularity and creates a layer of trust, thus improving brand credibility. 

2) Sharing content that adds value 

When a business constantly updates the audience with content that is relevant to the happenings in the industry, the viewers are naturally inclined towards it. Developing authority alongside rapidly increasing the reach has great potential by doing so. 

3) Customer is always the King

For any business to be liked by the customers, it is necessary that the needed attention is given to them. Discord allows seamless interaction through real-time direct messaging that should be utilised to address and resolve customer feedback or grievances. 

Discord’s Users

One of the biggest strengths of Discord is bringing together like-minded individuals and businesses that make the best use of it and can market themselves better.