5 More Mistakes To Avoid On Social Media

14 May, 2020 (Thursday)

We decide to make another list of mistakes to avoid on social media. The significance of advertising on social media is hard to ignore but it can sometimes get a little tricky and you may end up making these silly marketing blunders. It is useful to understand what not to do so you can get the most out of your efforts.

1) Using Irrelevant Hashtags-

Hashtags are a great tool at your disposal waiting to be exploited on social media to vastly increase your reach. However, using the right hashtags is crucial as you need to reach out to the right target audience for them to have any value. If it is obscurely worded, it won’t be used by others making it less likely to yield any results. It is a common misconception that using more hashtags will improve your results, but it actually has a negative effect as it ends up looking like spam. Thus, it is important to pick your hashtags wisely. Looking up what other handles with similar content are using might be a good place to start.

2) Ignoring Paid Ads-

Paid ads can boost your brand’s reach tremendously. People use different platforms for different reasons and each platform is dominated by a different demographic, so it is essential to identify the right platform for your target audience. Another thing to remember while leveraging paid ads on different platforms is that an ad that worked like a charm on one platform might utterly fail on another, so it’s useful to plan the right strategy for each platform. These ads, if used appropriately, can enhance your customer engagement and create brand awareness by pulling more traffic to your page.

3) Copyright Infringement-

It isn’t acceptable to copy someone else’s work and post it as your own content. Social media users detest copied work and you could quickly lose both your credibility and your followers by resorting to copying other’s content. Copying is not the same as reposting, as you would be stealing credit for someone’s hard efforts without their permission. Besides this, the creator of the original post can legally press copyright infringement charges on you. If you’re feeling low on fresh ideas, it is okay to look at other people’s content for inspiration, and adding value to that idea with your own and remember to always give credit where it is due.

4) Not Assessing Results-

Several times, people get carried away by an increase in followers or likes while getting no benefits to their business despite all this. Here, it’s vital to understand that more followers don’t always mean better engagement. Assessing your results enables you to lay down a more organised plan of action for future posts, helps you analyse what worked and what didn’t work and this, in turn, helps you decide where to invest your time and money for the future. So whether your previous campaign was a brilliant success or a staggering failure, there’s always something valuable to learn. In order to optimize the results, businesses should always analyse their social media marketing efforts.

5) Relying Too Much on Automation-

The main reason for people to get on social media is to interact with other people. By automating the process of creating content and conversing with users, you are essentially killing the joy of social interaction. Automated posts and comments feel impersonal and users will quickly distance themselves first from such content and then from brands posting them. Social media is best enjoyed when it is graced with a dash of personal touch that can keep your audience engaged.

Planning your social media strategy can help you avoid these common mistakes and make your brand stand out from the clutter and engage with your followers at a deeper level.